Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Who am I ?

Yesterday I was naked in my bathroom,I looked at myself into the mirror,but mirror was small.So i went into the bedroom and looked into the dressing table mirror.I found it very weird and unusuall .I asked my self "who the hell is standing in front of me?" Ofcourse it was me ,but I never asked this question to myself since i was born.....I had no answer to this question ,my mind was blocked,I sat on the bed ,took a deep breath and asked the same question again ,"who am I ?
It took me into my childhood days,the beautiful carefree days.i was so naughty when i was a kid ,I use to do all sort of crazy things that any normal child would do ,like teasing my friends,imitating my grand parents,Playing in the muddy rain water,and straining my new shirt that my dad has gifted me on my birthday,climbing the trees to hide myself from my angry mom ,putting dummy lizard on my aunties head,jumping out of joy by looking at a stray puppy at the road side .I was not at all bothered about the outside world around me,I used to do all the crazy things that my heart loved to do,It was so relaxing and pleasant
Now I am grown up and educated ,but still I am the same human being with same name,and same identity ,then what is that stopping me doing all those crazy things that i use to do during my child hood ? Its the outer world around me that I am more worried about ...What others will think of my behavior ,that matters me most .I am more conscious about my activities ,But why?
Only my organs have grown up and I have got some hair here and there,but I am still the same being,I still want to laugh loudly at a man who just fell down by slipping on banana skins ,I still want to jump out of my sit and dance when i ham very happy ,I still want to make funny faces at my boss,I still like to run after butterflies
there is still a child in me who sometimes cries out loud saying :"please set me free ,do not let me die... set me free do not let me die"